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Simulation & Training

jDome increases immersive experience and spatial awareness in training.

The realism that jDome brings to training and simulation has a number of benefits. jDome is especially well suited for heavy equipment training, flight simulation, driving and military training. Traditional heavy equipment simulators don’t give the spatial experience of maneuvering the equipment.

jDome increase the value of the simulation and  reduce training time needed in real machinery.Flight simulator training is today quite expensive. Through the use of jDome the number of hours needed in certified simulators decreases and saves cost and the immersive environment.

Driving schools can increase the efficiency of simulations. The immersive screen creates a new level spatial awareness and increases the value of investments already made.

The jDome can be used in several military training programs like driving and handling vehicles and heavy equipment, systems training and large scale tactical training of soldiers. The cost and size benefit enable individual immersive group interactive training for enhanced situational awareness.

For mobile training, jDome VE is the key product to enable on-site training for faster result without sending staff to training camp. jDome increases the realism and spatial awareness in training.

The realism that the jDome gives compared with ordinary screens can be a part in training programs that reduces cost and at the same time increase the efficiency of the training through the immersive experience.