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jDome BikeAround displayed in Shanghai!

jDome BikeAround is now displayed in Shanghai wich is the latest stop in the Swedish Institute World Tour. Martin Persson from Healtcare Center in Halland is at location to represent the jDome BikeAround

extract from the press release;

Sweden shows the latest within new technology –when the exhibition Innovative Sweden opens at Tongji University, Shanghai November 2, 2012

“Innovative Sweden” is an exhibition that shows the hottest new innovations from 20 young, Swedish growth companies within the fields of environmental technology, information and communication technology, healthcare and gaming.

In a time when China is looking to become a more innovative country, Sweden is a country to look to for inspiration. The curiosity, creativity and desire for change have made Swedes innovators, and creative Swedes have given today’s modern society inventions such as the pacemaker, the 3-point seatbelt, safety matches, as well as recent popular software, used daily all over the world, like Skype and Spotify.

The exhibition “Innovative Sweden” premiered at Stanford University in 2011 and is currently on a world tour. It has been shown in Toronto, Washington D.C., Rio de Janeiro and Beijing before coming to Shanghai. The exhibition will be showed at Tongji University from November 2-23, 2012. Several activities and seminars on the themes of clean tech, ICT and innovative design will be arranged throughout the exhibition period.

For more information about the exhibition, visit:

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