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May 2, 20145 months ago

Malou Efter Tio!

This fridays episode of the Swedish talkshow, "Malou Efter Tio", had the theme topic of dementia, and jDome Bikearound was in the spotlight. The host Malou takes a ride through broadway and her childhood street, aided by Divison by Zero CTO and founder John Nilsson. HM Queen Siliva of Sweden starts of the interview by giving her appraisal of the product.

April 28, 20145 months ago

Norwegian Minister of Municipal- and Modernisation bikes home!

Read and watch the coverage by NRK, where the norweigan minister of municipal- and modernisation, Jan Tore Sanner, bikes home with the jDome Bikearound. NRK Coverage
April 24, 20145 months ago

Interview with John Nilsson in Ingengören!

The latest issue of Ingengören, "The engineer", features an interview with Founder and CTO John Nilsson. The articles covers Johns early interest in technology, the idea and development of the Jdome, aswell as the mental ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

Full article (Swedish)

March 10, 20147 months ago

Elmias event in Smålandsnytt

jDome BikeAround featured in Smålandsnytt at the Elmias event for elderly care! Watch the coverage at SVTPlay, starts 10.45 into the clip!

January 29, 20148 months ago

Article in Ny Teknik about Jdome BikeAround

Read about jDome BikeAround in Swedish newspaper Ny Teknik.

January 23, 20148 months ago

The battle of elderly care!

The battle of elderly care has begun, and JDome BikeAround is at the frontline! Read the article in Dagens Samhälle.

December 15, 201310 months ago

JDome BikeAround article in Vårt Göteborg!

Vårt Göteborg writes about testing jDome Bikearound at Sekelbo retierment home in Gothenburg.

"The retirement home [Sekelbo] have apartments for the demented so the location is perfect. We are very curious regarding this innovation and its effects"

Read the full article at here. (Swedish Only)

December 11, 201310 months ago

jDome BikeAround joins the Catwalk at Norra Latin

jDome BikeAround joins the Innovation Catwalk at Norra Latin, 12th December. "The competition is global. Old industries change and transform, regions specialize and cities are growing. To remain competitive, it's not enough to focus on research, regional development or traditional industries. To meet the future societal challenges, and create value, economic growth and new employment possibilities, policymakers will have to reconcider the system for innovation support - and apply a new concept - system innovation."

"SystemInnovation is a policy initiative to move the development of entire systems, sectors and industries in new and boundary crossing ways in order to meet societal challenges and generate business value and growth. This is an emerging key theme in most countries, the OECD and a desired theme for the new EU framework program for research and innovation - Horisont 2020."

Innovation Policy for the Future

November 21, 201311 months ago

jDome in ComputerSweden!

Jonas Ryberg at ComputerSweden writes in his blog about jDome and the development of jDome BikeAround for the elderly care! Full article can be read here (Swedish only)
November 18, 201311 months ago

Innovation fair for elderly care!

jDome BikeAround was demonstrated at Vardaga & Nytida Innovation fair.

"Amebas innovationsråd is working with a number of exciting projects in both Nytida and Vardaga. Some of the projects within Vardaga was shown Thursday, 14 November up at an innovation fair in Stockholm. There was everything from dogs to care pharmaceuticals and news in rehab."

Full article can be read here (Swedish only)