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Anders Frisk, CEO Anders Frisk, CEO

Has the last three years had a health business and before that he was five years at Qbrick, Scandinavia's most successful company in streaming media. At Qbrick he increased sales from 10 MSEK to 70 MSEK and developed and established new sales offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Malmoe.

Anders has solid competence of marketing, sales and business development, combined with a strong project drive. Contributes to making tasks executed in a powerful and professional way. Foremost strength is his experience and knowledge about making businesses succeeding in establishing sales channels online and mobile platforms.

He is an energetic, colourful and constructive doer, who can combine new ways of thinking with structured planning and economic analysis.

John Nilsson, Owner and Founder John Nilsson, Founder

John is a creative and innovative person, who more or less single handedly has driven his jDome-project, to where it is today. John has not only designed and developed prototypes of the jDome, but also directed and edited the YouTube movies, a new cost effective way John understood could build awareness around the concept and the brand jDome. John has attended numerous events he has been invited to, both at home and abroad, and could do so thanks to the portability of the jDome. He also made the jDome homepage and even designed the jDome logo.

John has always been creative and made his first computer games at 12 years of age, on the first computers around. His special work at high school was about 3D-projection (matrix calculations). His C-paper was about Virtual Cooperation in Computer Generated Environments (94, Umeå Universitet). In 95 he was awarded the “Most Creative Homepage” in Sweden, which had over 300 000 visitors between 95-98. In 2002 John finished editing a feature length movie, to which he designed a DVD (package and content), which gave him high acclaim in the business.

John has a background as a Systems Engineer (15+ years) and has been a consultant at companies such as Siemens-Elema, Nordea, Eniro and Ericsson.