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As long as I can remember I've been interested in computer games and the worlds they present. I think I made my first computer game when I was 12 years old, when there were hardly any computers around! When Virtual Reality (VR) came I thought, wow, now the last obstacle to get inside the game, at least visually, was within reach. But the implementations didn't work very well and were very expensive.

For years I waited patiently for the the technology to get better, but nothing really happened, not in the consumer market anyway. At this time (2005) I frequented the local OmnImax-theater, Cosmonova, and I thought - it´s like being here - in the world - which was currently shown. How about if I tried this at home with a smaller domed screen in front of my projector on a game? I also knew I could enlarge the Field of View in most games in order to show more of the world of the game. But would it work without any special lenses or in-game calculations to correct the perspective? Only way to find out was to build some sort of proof-of-concept prototype. So I made a simple wire-frame and scotch-taped numerus badly cut letter-sized papers onto it. I fired up Doom 3 with my projector and I was suddenly inside... To be continued...